The evolution of Rife

Almost 100 years ago, Dr. Royal Raymond Rife created a technology that turned the world of wellness on its head. To the alarm of powerful interests and alliances, the Rife plasma machine’s AMA-overseen cure of 16 terminal illnesses meant that the genie could not be put back in the bottle. Once revealed, a truth so big cannot be concealed.

But because his technology worked so spectacularly, Dr. Rife’s success carried a sting in the tail. Unimaginative lesser engineers greedy to capitalize on the new Rife paradigm simply copied his designs slavishly, changing only components and techniques for updated counterparts. They failed to see that change is the heartbeat which drives all of life, and that anything which stands still is inevitably heading for extinction.

Until now, that is. RIFETECH’s visionary young team of engineers and scientists threw out the ancient dogmas. Taking only the scientific truths that Dr. Rife found, they started with a blank slate, no preconceived ideas, and a hunger to explore unmapped territories. The result is ONE genEsys – the evolution of Rife, an original redesign from the ground up. It is, essentially, Rife II.

ONE is the inspired systems design, production, and global marketing partnership between two expert and vastly experienced teams of European and American engineers, scientists, and health practitioners – RIFETECH and Spooky2 ICU. ONE genEsys is the first release in the ONE stable of energy medicine thoroughbreds that embody proven best-in-class technologies and radical innovations.

ONE stands for Optimized Natural Energies.

The ONE family brings excellence in energy delivery systems design together with acclaimed program and protocol payload  superiority to create an integrated suite of affordable wellness units that make full use of Rife-driven state of the art plasma, DC electricity, scalar technology, Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Fields (PEMF), light spectra, and audio. Welcome to the future world of wellness founded on the timeless values of excellence, truth, and compassion.