Toe pain

On my way to sit down at the computer, I stupidly slammed my foot into the corner of a concrete pillar in the center of my work-room. This time, the toe was pretty mangled because it had been broken before, and the bone parts must have been pushed out of alignment because the pain was excruciating, and I was unable to put my foot to the floor to bear any weight at all.

All I could do was hop to my armchair. I sat for five hours, waiting for the pain to go away (it didn’t) and cursing my own failure to learn a lesson about bare feet after breaking five toes since April, 2017.

Dinner was out of the question, and I faced the problem of somehow getting to my genEsys upstairs beside my bed. Mainly because of the shoulder injury, it took me about an hour and much sweat, but I finally managed to climb the wooden hill by crawling to the first step and sitting on it, then reversing up each one on my butt. Like a small child.

Getting up on my desk chair was also a challenge, but I finally loaded Fractures Bone 2 XTRA, Accelerate Injury Healing XTRA, Healing Acceleration XTRA, and Schumann Resonance CAFL, and set genEsys to run for nine hours. After a couple of hours, pain had waned sufficiently to allow me to fall sleep.

The first bathroom visit was torture, but I was able to hobble along using my heel. When I woke, genEsys ran for another 50 minutes. The pain had abated greatly, but I still had to use my heel to limp to the bathroom again.

Because I must go to Immigration on Monday morning, and the office is a long enough walk from the mall entrance, I decided to stay put and run genEsys for a further five hours. And berate myself some more!

When the preset stopped and I got out of bed, there was still a little residual pain, but I found that I could now put my whole foot to the floor and limp along at a pace that won’t cause me any problems on Monday, especially after I run it again overnight.

Once again, genEsys astonishes me with its power and speed – thank you, Martin. I’ll also try to find slippers when I finish in Immigration.

So I apologize for the delay in getting this update out. I’m about to start putting it together now.

By David Bourke

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